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Available at Murray Energy - Texas

  • AlarmAgent​
  • Verbatim & Verbatim Gateway
  • Cellularm
  • Gaurd-It
  • Catalyst

Eliminate headaches and overcome problem conditions with RACO's world-class remote monitoring, alarm notification and data logging applications.



Cloud-based detection for critical infrastructures.

  • Constant connection

    • Dependable communication with data security guaranteed.

  • Updates and reports

    • View status info from anywhere. Collect real-time data, anytime.​

  • Multiple alerts

    • ​Avoid incidents with notifications by email, voice call and text message.

  • Custom templates

    • ​Simple configuration from a remote location or on-site.

  • Simple interface

    • ​Easy to use, update and configure. No additional equipment required.

  • Widely available

    • Goes where landlines can't, covering 98 percent of North America.​

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A modular design for an alarm system that flexes with your needs. Fully interactive for intelligent response.

  • Modular design

    • ​Expandable architecture for digital inputs, analog inputs, and digital control outputs.

  • Versatile functions

    • It autodials, monitors, remotely activates responses, and so much more.​

  • Initiates commands

    • ​When it receives a signal alert, it can remotely activate a response to avoid an incident.

  • Anytime access

    • ​Get status updates or control a device remotely from any standard touch-tone phone.

  • Non-volatile memory

    • ​Recorded alarm messages and user-entered programming are retained indefinitely.

  • Battery backup

    • ​A rechargeable battery provides up to 20 hours of continuous operation in the event of a power loss.

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Verbatim Gateway

A stand-alone alarm system for mission-critical performance.

  • Versatile functions

    • Incorporates everything from pumps to PLCs for alarm notifications and status checking.

  • Multi-tasking

    • Monitors multiple PLC processors on multiple networks, even those with foreign protocols.​

  • Easy setup

    • ​No modifications needed for existing network configuration, PLC wiring or programs.

  • Real-time alerts

    • ​Avoid incidents and improve problem conditions with real-time notifications by phone call.

  • Continual service

    • ​Its fault tolerance and internal battery backup guarantees connection even during a power outage.

  • One-time cost

    • ​No need to purchase plug-ins to make it work. Signing extra service contracts not required

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Available when landlines aren't. Compatible with all RACO alarms.

  • Trusted connection

    • ​Reduces the risk and vulnerabilities found in physically-wired connections.

  • Easy setup

    • ​Shipped pre-assembled, allowing for simple, low-cost installation.

  • Enables notifications

    • ​Allows for voice and text alarm notifications from all RACO units.

  • Added value

    • ​The transceiver can be supplied with a RACO system for alarm monitoring.

  • Lower cost

    • ​Cheaper than operating through traditional landlines.

  • Eco-friendly

    • ​Power through a DC supply for stand-alone solar-powered monitoring.

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Proven security at an affordable price. Engineered for OEM applications. 

  • Real-time alerts

    • Avoid incidents with real-time notifications by phone call.​

  • Operating integrity

    • Programmable functions can only be changed at the front panel.​

  • LAnytime access

    • Call from any remote phone at any time to receive a status update.​

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Security for more demanding infrastructures.  

  • Extensive monitoring

    • Up to 256 registers, from pumps to PLCs, for comprehensive data and event logging.​

  • Multiple alerts

    • Avoid incidents with notifications for up to 96 destinations by email, voice call and text message.​

  • Easy setup

    • Seamless and cost-effective integration with any PLC or other device.​

  • Cost-effective

    • Standard communication protocols mean no extra service contracts or plug-ins are required.​

  • Free Alarmware® 2.0

    • Allows users to remotely program and upgrade their system, as well as analyze data.​

  • Guaranteed backup

    • Provides the ability to save settings and voice messages with Alarmware® 2.0 software.​

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